• Sherri Gregg

    Sherri Gregg, Figure Posing/Diet Client

    Christine is a wonderful coach. She makes sure you do not look crazy on stage. If you feel you’re not ready and she feels the same way, she will let you know. She helped me with my contest prep in 2011 and I won two shows! It is a great feeling to know that you are prepared physically, mentally, and your posing is on point when you step on that stage. Thanks so much Christine, for all of your knowledge and wisdom regarding this sport.

  • Paige Hagar

    Paige Hagar, Figure Posing Client via SKYPE

    In preparing for my first figure competition, I knew I needed some work on my posing. From the beginning, Christine immediately identified the specific areas that could use improvement. She patiently took me through each pose and thoroughly guided me on how to perfect it. I am quite certain that her coaching contributed to the confidence I felt on that stage during my first show. From the pose itself, to the timing and transitioning, I felt like I had achieved the element of poise and polish that is so important when being judged. I ended up with two first place (height class and Masters class) wins and two Overall (Open and Masters) wins for the Mr. and Mrs. Tennessee Bodybuilding/Figure/Bikini competition. Thank you, Christine, for making such a difference in my presentation!

  • Leah Cyprus

    Leah Cyprus, Bikini Posing Client

    I have many roles in life, a wife, a mother of two high school boys, am a health care administrator for a local business, and don’t forget the grocery shopper, the cook, the clothes washer, and the organizer at the house. Along with these activities, I try to put my health as a priority. This is when I met Christine Anderson several years back. She helped guide and mentor me on nutrition and better health that a woman needs.

    She has watched me over the past few years improve with both my nutrition and physique. And when I decided to do my first fitness/bikini competition this year, at age 43, she was right there to guide me. I had no idea how hard the journey was going to be. I am a tom-boy at heart so the food was the easy part compared to the sexy walking, sassy posing to show your hard earned figure, the theme round, and not to mention the emotions.

    Since Christine has competed for many years herself, she knew first hand exactly what I should expect along this journey. She was there throughout my training to coach, guide, advise, listen, and even calm me down when needed. As far as the walking and posing, she moves like a run way super model and broke the moves into baby steps for me several times, all with a smile on her face!

    Christine Anderson is truly a professional and expert in her field. You can tell how much she loves to teach and help other women with their nutrition, figures and stage presence by the amount of energy she exudes. She is always on time, well organized, and extremely positive and caring of her clients and their success. I plan on having Christine help me again at my next competition.

  • Monica Lerma

    Monica Lerma, Figure Posing/Train/Diet Client, 2nd Testimony

    I’ve been with Christine for 5 years now. She’s seen me through my wedding, figure competitions, and pregnancy looking and feeling my very best. She is my trainer, nutritionist, and posing coach. I met Christine when I was looking for a trainer to help me lose weight for my wedding. She helped me lose weight and tone up in just two months. After the wedding, we continued to train and then the subject of ‘A Show’ came up. I thought “NO WAY”! Of course I changed my mind, and saw my body transform like I never thought possible. A couple of years later my body transformed in a different way when I became pregnant. Once again our training was taking a different course. That’s just one of the things I love about Christine, no matter what my goal is, she’s always able to create a unique program to suit my needs.

    Christine is amazing! She is genuine, hard-working, and truly cares about her clients. I’ve learned so much from. Most importantly, proper form when training, and how vital it is to follow a meal plan. During our training sessions, Christine has pushed me way beyond what I thought I could do. There have been many days where I’ve come in with a migraine headache or seriously sleep deprived from being up all night with the baby. Christine is always empathetic. However, she remains professional, and pushes me through what I felt was impossible.

    As my posing coach, she taught me how to pose in ways that best suited my physique. When preparing for a competiton, she has always told me “enjoy the journey, and all you can do is show up with your best body and the rest is out of your control”. Her words are from the heart. Christine has been in the industry a long time ad can speak from her experience. I am truly inspired by her. I can’t say enough good things about her and her program. The joy I get from feeling healthy, for myself and my family, is immeasurable.

  • Stacie Hansen, Figure Client

    Stacie Mountain, Figure Posing Client via SKYPE

    I was a posing client of Christine for my first Figure Competition in April 2012. We worked via Skype. This was very convenient for me, I am a single mom who works 12 hour overnight shifts. As any competitor knows, there is a lot that goes into competing. You spend hours in the gym and kitchen to transform your body. Continue Reading →

  • Nichola Smiles, Bikini Posing Client

    Nichola SmilesI first met Christine Anderson at a Musclemania Posing Camp in February 2012. I remember being an hour late, and Christine spending a few moments with me so I could “catch up”. Continue Reading →

  • Adriana Sanchez

    Adriana Sanchez, Figure Posing Client

    Let me begin by saying that working with Christine was the most wonderful experience! She takes pride in every client she personally works with. Continue Reading →

  • Athena Hill

    Athena Cahill, Train/Diet Client

    When I started training with Christine a few months ago I was not happy with my body at all. After having two children, my body was different and I didn’t like this “new body.” I struggled Continue Reading →

  • Dr. Rochelle Yancy-Parks, Figure Posing Client

    Christine Anderson is a fabulous Figure competition coach. She teaches you how to pose for your body to enhance your best features. Continue Reading →

  • Lily Pham

    Lily Pham, Bikini Posing/Train/Diet Client

    Christine started off as just my nutritionist in the beginning. I’ve wanted to lose weight and have a bikini competitor body but didn’t want to compete. Somehow I was convinced Continue Reading →

  • Monica Holden, Figure Posing/Train/Diet Client

    I’ve been with Christine for 4 years now. She’s seen me thru my wedding, figure competitions, and pregnancy looking and feeling my very best! Continue Reading →

  • Tiffany Robere, Bikini Posing Client

    I first met Christine at One2One when I was training for the 2011 Muscle Mania Space City Competition. Since it was my first competition Christine invited me to join in on the Prep Camps Continue Reading →