I help individuals that want to lose body-fat, gain muscle, or be in better, overall shape. By utilizing a sound nutrition program, Apex, and with compliancy by the client we are able to achieve fitness goals in a short period of time. Training is also based on the individual’s specific fitness goal and fitness level. All workouts are prepared in advanced for each client.
Contest Prep services include helping individuals with posing techniques to showcase their physique in the most flattering way. I can also make referrals to other professionals in the industry to get my client stage ready (shoes, suits, hair, makeup, photographers, competition tan, etc). Posing clients include Figure and Bikini in all organizations. 

Training & Nutrition Consultations – Consultations are performed at no charge and last 1 hour for training/nutrition consultations.  I will gather baseline measurements, and a fitness assessment is determined to see where the client’s fitness level is currently at.  Fitness assessments are used to observe postural deviations and how your body moves when working out.  No two individuals should be the same and their program should not be the same either.  Every program is individualized to meet client eating needs, fitness goals, fitness limitations (joint issues, health issues), and lifestyle.  A nutrition assessment is also done so I will have a better idea how I can best help you achieve the quickest results in a realistic timeframe.

Nutrition only Consultations – Baseline measurements gathered (weight, body fat test) as well as goals and nutrition assessment is performed. In the goals assessment, we determine how many weeks it should take to lose a certain amount of body fat. Nutrition assessment includes finding out what you are currently eating, how many times a day, and average daily water intake.

Contest Prep/Stage Presentation –  Whether you compete in Figure or Bikini, my goal is to teach you how to pose and how to move through your poses with confidence.  Once we achieve this, I work on the performance of the pose: you walk on stage, eye contact with the judges, moving from one pose to the next, making sure your hands do not look frozen, and creating the illusion of a balanced physique.

If you’ve never competed before and would like to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions you have!

Please note that I also work with female clients that want to ‘look great’ but not necessarily step on stage to compete. I am certified through the American Council on Exercise on Personal Training and Weight Management.

Go to my ‘Contact’ page to send me an email and I will respond within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Specialties: Body fat loss, muscle gain, contest prep coaching services include training, nutrition, posing, and stage presentation.