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Full service comes to CAC&CO

CAC&CO is very excited to announce we are a full service company and offer all of these services:

– local training and nutrition in the Houston, Missouri City area

– local nutrition only in the Houston, Missouri City area

– On line training & nutrition

– On line nutrition only

– Posing and presentation for Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique competitors

– Fitness routine, fitness skills session, and choreography for Fitness competitors

– Choreography and posing routine for Women’s Physique competitors

We do more than have you ‘show up’ and ‘practice’ your posing, we work on assisting you to put together a complete and solid package for the stage.  Depending on where you need the most help: suit and shoe selection, stage tanning recommendations, or hair and makeup ideas, we base our selections on your budget so you don’t make costly mistakes.  Having 5 solid Coaches to assist our clients allows us to bounce ideas off of each other to get the client the best service.  You can contact us at to inquire about our services.

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We added more to our posing services!!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: CAC & Co is proud to announce the addition of WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE and MALE & FEMALE FITNESS to our services!! Lead Coach, Jenn Wilson, is one of the best choreographers and fitness skills Coach and we are honored to have her expertise in these categories. Please check out her bio and why she is so good at what she does:


From the NBA court to the Pro Fitness stage, since 2004 Jenn Becerra Wilson has choreographed numerous routines for the industry’s top ranked competitors in men’s & women’s fitness, bodybuilding and Physique competitions. Her passion for fitness and entertainment shines through the one of a kind routines she creates for each individual.

Lead Coach, Jenn B. Wilson

Lead Coach, Jenn B. Wilson

From the early age of 4, Jenn started pursuing her dreams in the sport of Martial Arts. At the age of 7, she earned her 1st black belt in Korea at the 4th World Tournament in the Wushu Kung-Fu Federation. The discipline instilled at this early age led her to be successful in competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and becoming a Pro Cheerleader in the NBA.

Naturally this led Jenn to fulfill a lifelong dream of competing in a fitness competition in which she earned her Pro Fitness Card in 2004. Shortly after earning her Pro card, she suffered a knee injury that would challenge her for the next 7 years in which she underwent 3 major knee surgeries. It was at this point in her life that she realized how much she wanted to stay connected with the industry and offer her knowledge to help others be successful and reach their goals.

Jenn’s profession as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who specializes in sports rehabilitation aides in her primary focus of providing safe, sport specific training techniques to the athletes she works with.  If you are interested in working with CAC & Co on your next competition, you can go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will respond with our menu of services.

February 2, 2014 0 Comments Interview with Christine Anderson

An interview on how I approach my fitness program for training, nutrition, and supplementation for me.  I do use different approaches for each client because there should not be a one size fits all approach for everyone.   Special shout out to on the opportunity to be heard,  thank you!!

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The hard copy version is now available!

IT’S HERE. Santa came early this year as Real Talk Real Women is now available in print! Order your copy now at Amazon:


Print version available!


Calling all Fitness, Figure, and Bikini enthusiasts!!! CAC & Co announces a Fitness Workshop happening on Jan 11th, 2014 Embody Fitness Center First Colony !! This is a great workshop if you are considering competing, have competed and want to learn more, or just want to see what it’s all about. Please contact us directly at if you would like to receive more information!
Spend the day with us, we will have lots to offer!!

Spend the day with us, we will have lots to offer!!


CAC & Co. is sooooooo so so so excited to announce our first ever Fitness Workshop on January 11th.  After months of collecting all of your inquiries, I decided to put together a workshop for women that want to compete, will compete, or thinking about competing.  There’s a lot of information out there and it’s hard to figure out how and where to begin.  Please check out the flyer with the information on the workshop.  For our out of town attendants, our host hotel (Hampton Inn) is 5 minutes from the camp location. Details can be found on the flyer.
This will be a full day of guest speakers (glamour team of hair, makeup, tanning, photographer on the do’s and don’ts of stage prep and photos), training/nutrition tips for Figure/Fitness and Bikini, fitness routine tips, as well as hands on posing with the best coaches in the industry, and the first (20) that sends their fee will receive a goodie bag complete with free supplements, POSE4YOU tee, CAC Event Planner, and more.  Lunch will be provided by
Everyone that attends will receive really cool sample workouts for Figure/Fitness or Bikini as well as samples of typical contest prep menus for Fat Loss or Size Gain.
If you are interested in attending and would like to reserve your spot, you can purchase your entry here:
A registration form will be emailed to confirm your payment was received.
If you know anyone that would be interested in attending, please ‘share’ this post!  You do not need to be in competition shape to attend, this is a great way to get more information, see if you would be a good fit to compete in fitness, get practice posing for Figure/Fitness and Bikini, and meet other women like yourselves!
Note: we are capping the number of attendants to 40 ladies.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions, and we hope to see many of you at camp!


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Another CYBER MONDAY special!

When you order a tee, tank, or photo we are taking $5 off your order!  All photos will be signed by the Founder/Owner of CAC, Christine Anderson 🙂  Type in CYBERMONDAY in the coupon code box before checking out.  Thank you for your support!!

Just one of the featured products in our shop. This tank also comes in black. Model is wearing size small.

Just one of the featured products in our shop. This tank also comes in black. Model is wearing size small.

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The Kindle version of the book Christine Anderson, Founder/Owner of CAC, co-authored is now available on Amazon, and for a limited time it’s completely FREE! Grab it while you can:


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CAC August Interview with Tony of OAMG Photography

If you’re a fitness competitor, you know Tony of OAMG.  Everytime I see Tony’s brand (OAMG) I always think OMG.  Then I check out the photo shoot he did and then I really think OMG.  In the fitness industry, Tony is the most sought after photographer and his work is simply amazing.  I can’t remember how long I’ve been wanting to shoot with this guy (since forever, okay maybe since 2005) and it just never came to be so I figured an interview would be just as cool.  But believe me, if I lived in or near Chicago where Tony is located, this interview might not exist ?  As a fitness athlete, the goal of capturing your hard earned physique in a photo is more than a thousand words. It’s a journey of the sacrifice to achieve the ultimate physique.   Okay, moving on…..


Tony, thank you so much for doing this interview. For so many of us in the Fitness industry, we know who you are, but for those that do not or are new to the industry can you tell them who you, what you do, and how you got started? 

Tony Wilkens, OAMG

Tony Mitchell, OAMG


I’m Tony Mitchell, owner of OAMG and I’m a photographer. I’ve been shooting  since college while studying design back in the 80’s (I’ve just dated myself). After college I pursued a career in design and worked for a few architecture firms, before I opened my own practice in 1992 (The Tonka Group) and for the next 17 years I ran a successful interior architecture firm. While in Las Vegas after the completion of a interior design project, I met a photographer that was hired to shoot the project and got inspired to shoot again that was in 2004 and in 2008 OAMG was conceived.


I’ve watched your work over the years and my observation of your work is a combination of stellar fitness bodies, great use of lighting as part of the canvas, and how you focus on the physical beauty of each athlete. That was just my opinion, lol, but what do you feel sets you apart from all the other photographers?
I think having an extensive background in design & architecture, I’m able to bring those elements into each shoot. Lighting an interior space and lighting in photography are similar we position lights to achieve the best effect.  Like a musician I’m constantly composing as I shoot, searching to find the right angles, elevations, textures and lighting, therefore I’m not stuck with your typical stagnant image.   


I have to ask this question, because I hear about it a lot and I have my own opinion about it but I’m really interested in what you think. How do you feel about photographers that shoot fitness models for free? Do you feel it undervalues your work as an artist and have you ever been approached by people that want you to shoot them for free?   IMG_7195

Ha Ha don’t get me started, I get asked that question all the time. I’ll keep this response short so not to offended anyone. if you’re just starting out and trying to build a body of work you will do some free shoots, because you don’t have a name or portfolio of work to command a fee.  If you decide to make a career out of photography then you must charge for your work. Buying an expensive camera does not make you a photographer and the GWC (guy with a camera) have de-valued the profession by giving their work away.  For a professional photographer we work just as hard from traveling to the shoot (if you don’t have a studio), setup, shooting the photos, loading the photos to your computer, hours of editing meeting with clients, invoicing and marketing. We are no different than a mechanic, dentist or doctor, so yes I’m offended when asked if I’ll shoot free and just because you have a Pro status that means nothing to me.  My response has always been when asked, “do you work for free when payday comes? Do you tell your boss, keep your check because I’m working for free”, I doubt it.  

IMG_7146 - Version 2


Some people have a vision of what they want to shoot and then there are others that have no idea and want your vision. How do you go about determining what type of shoot will take place for the client?
 I research each model, and ask questions that will help me to develop a concept & vision for the shoot. Prior to shooting I send looks and ideas of what I’m thinking , along with what items of clothing to bring unless I’m working with a fashion stylist or designer, not only does this help the model prepare, it helps me to determine location, lighting and makeup.



I see so many aspiring fitness models and casual fitness models on social media, in your years of experience shooting fitness models, what is the most common mistake you find most make when they show up to shoot with you?

Not being prepared, modeling is not easy as most think, if your serious about having a career modeling, then study and do your homework.  I can’t stress enough the importance of posing and facial expression, the two will make or break a shot, you can have the best physique but if you cannot pose or display a great expression, the shot will suffer. Not every photographer will take the time to teach you, that’s not their job, he or she will guide you based on the concept of the shoot but if your standing there asking what to do next, that’s precious time being take away from the shoot.


Words you live by:   IMG_8858

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


How can people reach you and please list any social media:
Twitter: @OAMediaGroup
Instagram TonyOamg



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CAC May Interview with Musclemania Pro Figure Athlete, Kimmy Ross

I met Kimmy at a Musclemania Camp where she wanted to check out what the competitors did at camp. It’s interesting to read how some of her paths led her to so many amazing fitness opportunities. I can’t give away her story so I hope you will read her interview and feel free to share it!

I know you as a Musclemania Pro Figure athlete and Musclemania Camp Coach, but you also teach Zumba and have a career that is not fitness related. Can you tell me what you do and how you manage everything in your life?

I am a Registered Nurse and I currently work for a pharmaceutical company as a Respiratory Care Educator. I’m nationally certified to educate patients and healthcare providers on Asthma and other chronic lung conditions. Though the pay is invariably different, I definitely consider my work as a Group Fitness Instructor part of what I do for a living. The role of fitness in my life and its impact on the lives I encounter in my classes provide me with a huge sense of fulfillment.
It’s never really easy managing it all because there are always so many other things that I have to juggle. I consider my self a pretty organized person and I believe that since there are 1,440 minutes in a day, I can always find increments of time to accomplish something. I admit that I also have a a hard time putting limitations on myself because I like to get things done and done well. I really hate having an overflowing list of things to do so I work tirelessly a lot of times striving for completion of something. One of my favorite sayings as it relates to this is, “I’d rather be exhausted from success than well-rest from failure.”

Let’s talk about your fitness journey, what was your first show and what was the experience like for you? Did you set a specific goal for your first show?

The first time I ever stepped on a stage to compete as a Figure competitor was May 2012. I made the decision after I realized many seeds were being planted for me to do so. I was always in the gym and my workouts were intense. On more than one occasion I had been asked if I was a Figure competitor. I laughed at the notion because in my opinion I was nowhere near physically or mentally prepared for whatever that meant! After a few insightful conversations with one woman in particular, Dr. Rochelle Parks, who had been and remains a successful competitor and supporter, I did some research and made some decisions. I honestly thought it to be a highly unlikely undertaking since i could not imagine making the dietary or more specifically the wine sacrifices which I felt I needed in order to maintain my sanity at the job I had at the time.
Needless to say, I set a goal, made the sacrifices and took the plunge! My only goal was to NOT suck! I don’t know if you can publish that and I don’t know if it’s a life changing statement, but that was my goal. LOL

Kimmy Ross, Musclemania Pro Figure athlete

Kimmy Ross, Musclemania Pro Figure athlete

Training to compete becomes all consuming. It requires many hours of training and prepping over many weeks. It also requires a little sacrificing on our social life, was this the case with you and how did you handle it?

Preparation for my first show was at times overwhelming. With the knowledge I had gained through observation and research I decided to train myself. It was not long before I realized I could use some assistance with other aspects of the process that I was not familiar with – posing, strict meal preps, and nutritional supplements. Being in the gym was already my love, but I became this obsessed lover. I practically lived in the gym and when I was not there, I wished I were. Remember, I had a goal 🙂 . I found myself declining invitations from girlfriends, avoiding corporate happy hours and lavish meals with coworkers. With all my family being in Michigan and having a small circle in Houston, I felt alone and isolated a lot of times and I feared losing those friends. Truly the only people who understood were others who had taken or were currently taking the journey themselves. The friends who did know of my ambitions were very supportive even if they could not completely identify. They were amazingly supportive.
I decided the best way to handle it was to stay focused; talk with those who could relate and believe that it was all a part of short term sacrifices for long term success.

Kimmy Ross winning big at the 2012  Musclemania Lone Star show, winning Figure Overall.

Kimmy Ross winning big at the 2012 Musclemania Lone Star show, winning Figure Overall.

Having a Pro Figure card is what many competitors strive for and you achieved it in a short amount of time. What does this card mean to you and what do you think others think of having a Pro card means?

Having earned a qualifying Pro Figure card was an unexpected surprise. I mean, to a degree I had an understanding of what it meant and what it represented in the competitive world, but I suppose what it represented to me was validation. I knew there were a few people who for whatever reason(s) were not necessarily cheering me on. I know that everyone has their own team of supporters and ‘haters’. My past success and current Pro card proves that success is the best revenge. As for others who have earned their cards, I think it’s great. There will always be great competitors before me and after me. I can learn from them all.

What was the greatest challenge you faced while training and prepping to compete? What kept you going to finish what you started?

The greatest challenge I faced while training and prepping to compete was literally my intake and output! The dietary restrictions and water requirements were insane. I had to make a way to eat the meals I had prepared and get the water in. I do not work in an office. Most of my days at the time were spent on the road in and out of my car. The stories I could tell you about the digestive track and the human bladder would rightful earn their place in Ripley’s incredibly Funny Believe It or Not.
There were a few things that kept me going: God, my friends and supporters, my mentor(s), you, Christine were my awesome and kind posing Coach I referenced my ROCKY movies and music.

Every athlete has that one moment when they compete that they will never forget. I love these stories because these are so special and I know you have one to share, so please share away!

I could give you an entire list of cliche adjectives to describe my “amazing”, “unbelievable”, “incredible”, and “unforgettable” win, but none of them would do justice. I still get chills and teary-eyeed when I find myself passionately reliving not only the moment, but the journey that got me there.

Kimmy Ross' Jesus Cry moment!

Kimmy Ross’ Jesus Cry moment!

I can only compare it to one of my all-time favorite movies, ROCKY. Prior to making my decision to compete, I went to a MuscleMania prep camp as a spectator. I sat, observed and took pictures of women who I thought were ‘ones to beat.” I even positioned myself in the room so that I could hear the men coaching and jot down a few notes from those coaches as well. I then purchased a VIP ticket and went alone to my very first Musclemania show in Stafford, Texas. I sat up close and personal near folks who looked like they had knowledge about the competition world. There was one woman – a tall, beautiful blond with legs for days. Her body was impressive and I had her picture stored in my camera from the camp. I looked at it often along with others. The night of my first show after I had already won 1st place Masters and 2nd place Short, I was rushed back to the stage. I was sooooo clueless thinking, ‘Why do I have to go back? I already won.” I was told I had to compete in the overall judging (“Ummm, okay?”). As I stood on the stairs to go on to the stage I glanced up at the woman on the staircase in front of me. It was HER! The tall blond on my camera! I became really confused. I looked behind me to see if others were lining up with us. When I realized no one else was coming. I literally thought they just picked me because they needed someone to be on stage with her because surely I was not really about to “compete” against this woman. Well, I was wrong. Our names were called; we went on stage, posed and awaited the results. I heard the announcer say and the overall winner of 2012 Musclemania Lone Star is ‘First time competitor…” I knew RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT IT WAS ME because I had seen the blond lady in a previous show. So it went like this, “and the overall winner of 2012 Musclemania Lone Star is ‘First time competitor, Ms. Kimmy Ross!” I could hear my small group of friends who had traveled to Galveston to support me screaming! Me being totally unfamiliar with bodybuilding etiquette (inspite of all the videos I watched), went immediately into what I call the “Jesus Cry”. I WAS SO HAPPY! 15 rounds (15 weeks) and I got in the ring and competed against myself and my real life Apollo. There was no split decision. I, an unkown competitor took home 3 trophies that night and the title, Champ! It was my ROCKY scene come true!

After Kimmy won the Figure Short class, she went into the Overall title against the Figure Tall winner, Sondra Smith. And the Overall title goes to...... first time competitor Kimmy Ross!

After Kimmy won the Figure Short class, she went into the Overall title against the Figure Tall winner, Sondra Smith. And the Overall title goes to…… first time competitor Kimmy Ross!

Some athletes do multiple shows in a year and some choose one or two shows a year. Which approach is better for you and why? What is your goal you try to achieve when you step on stage?

I have learned that the first thing people want to know once you step off stage is when will you step back on stage. Oh my goodness. It became the most anticipated question when speaking with people even to this day. For me, it is not the quantity of shows I will do. It will be the quality of the shows and the quality of my work. The encouragement that was instilled in me to choose the Open category in Las Vegas Fitness Universe against several creme de la creme competitors and to be the oldest in the Top 5 challenged me to push the envelope. I am thankful to God for insightful individuals like you Christine who helped me chart my course and challenge myself. With your guidance I was able to bring home another huge honor as 3rd place winner in November 2012 Fitness Universe – Musclemania’s largest international show. If you gonna win, you may as well win BIG! The choice I have made thus far have worked for me without regret.
My goal on stage has changed a little from what I mentioned earlier. Of course, I still want to be a fierce, friendly competitor on stage, but now when I strut across stage, I also want my spotlight to shine even brighter so that it reaches that person who may be sitting in the audience like I did a year ago trying to make the decision to take a life changing journey.

Words to live by: Be a woman of your word.

Words to live by: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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April Interview with Nichola Smiles – Bikini Competitor, Mom, Engineer, and Fitness Instructor

When I first met Nichola Smiles at a Musclemania camp, the only thing I knew about her at the time was that she was about to compete in her first show; I had no idea she was a single mom, Civil Engineer, and Fitness Instructor. Nichola’s transformation is incredible and her story lets you know that no matter what, if the mind is willing the body will follow. You can also follow Nichola’s fitness life on Facebook,

Some of us seen your before and after picture but many of us don’t know the details of your transformation. I’d love to know what made you decide to lose the weight, how much did you lose, and how long did it take?

As described by Nichola when asked for this photo, "THE dreadED PICTURE"

As described by Nichola when asked for this photo, “THE dreadED PICTURE”

It had been about 8 months since graduating from the University of Houston and I took full advantage of having more money in my pocket by going to too many work lunches, happy hours and reverse happy hours. I first noticed that my weight had gotten out of control in January 2008 at my friend’s wedding. I recall seeing a picture thinking “Holy Sh**!” By the time of the wedding I was approaching 180 lbs and I knew that moment i had to change. People always ask the question now, ‘How long did it take you?’. I had no idea four years ago I would be a fitness competitor. Getting to this physique came in phases. My first goal was just to get to 145 lbs for a girls trip to Miami in 2008. I was content with my shape until I decided to become a Group Exercise Instructor which further changed my body. Then after 2 years of teaching and being 130 lbs, I thought “What’s next?”…Compete!!! At my first competition, my body completely transformed to a muscular physique, weighing 110lbs at 5’2”. However, that weight is not realistic for me during “off season” and I am currently 120 lbs +/-

Of all the shows you competed in, which one was the most challenging for you and why?

Before and After

Before and After

My first show was challenging. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was changing a “normal” body and changing it to a “competitor” body. So naturally I thought, “How on earth will this happen?” I guess that is why I have a great personal trainer and awesome posing coach. The best advice you have ingrained in me is to not have any expectations. Just do what needs to be done and have fun in the process.

Like many competitors, you are more than just an athlete. What other roles do you have and how do you manage to juggle everything and still compete?

A lot people don’t realize that being an athlete is a very small part of my busy life. I graduated from the University of Houston 6 years ago with a BS in Civil Engineering. I have worked as an engineer for KBR since then. I am also a fitness instructor for 24 hour fitness, a job I am truly passionate about. BUT my most important job though is mother to my 14 year old son, Joshua. I had him at a very very young age. But I never let my circumstances to define me. My parents always emphasized the importance of education, so no matter what I knew that not graduating high school and college was NOT an option. People are always shocked that I have ALL THIS going on in my life and I still maintain a positive attitude. I have even been teased “Damn, do you drink a lot of coffee?” I am not going to lie, being a teenage mother and engineering student had to be the most challenging time of my life. There were several days I had “temper tantrums” but those days are long gone. I have truly been blessed and I know any goal is possible as long as you stay committed.

Nichola and her son, Joshua

Nichola and her son, Joshua

What is it about competing that you enjoy so much besides achieving a stellar physique at the end of the training process?

The greatest thing I would say that I get from competing is meeting new people that have the same passion and ambition. Naturally, I am drawn to meeting new people. I have made some long lasting friendships from this experience. The training process can be quite stressful and exhausting. However when you surround yourself with fellow competitors going through the same process, it can be quite entertaining. The moments when you are violently hungry and you are scrounging for that last morsel of rice, or that moment during peak week when you are rushing to the restroom because you feel that you “might” spring a leak, no one understands the pain more than your competitor friends. It definitely provides great entertainment on Facebook newsfeeds :D.

You traveled to Las Vegas to compete in one of the biggest shows, Fitness America Pageant, what stood out to you the most from this show?

It was BIG! The stage, the venue, and the number of competitors. To be honest, I was intimidated! The moment arrived for registration; I was blown away to see 200+ bikini competitors in line. I know I worked hard for this show, but DAMN! Every single girl was on their A game. I was honored to share the stage with some of the best athletes from all over the world.

There are so many women that want to compete but haven’t made the decision to do it. What would you say to a woman that is considering competing but not sure about it?

Nichola posing with friends and fellow competitors, Kimmy Ross (left) and Dr. Rochelle Parks (right)

Nichola posing with friends and fellow competitors, Kimmy Ross (left) and Dr. Rochelle Parks (right)

Like NIKE “Just DO IT” It’s a great bucket list item! It initially was a “before 30” bucket list item for me, but it eventually became more. It might sound cheesy but in one year of training and competing it changed me for the better. It taught me to be selfish. But selfish in a good way. I loved that the time dedicated to this hobby was focused on me accomplishing a goal. You have to make so many sacrifices. Yes, your social life suffers quite a bit, but the greatest thing is that, I learned how to tell people “NO.” I learned that you can’t go around pleasing people all the time and life is about doing what makes you happy. In this last year of learning more about the bodybuilding industry, I discovered I had a deeper passion for fitness outside of just teaching group exercise classes. I guess the hours of cardio alone time allow you to meditate and learn about yourself.

What’s the funniest/comical situation that has ever happened to you while preparing for a competition?

I have so many situations that are comical, maybe cause weird comical stuff always happens to me. The one that always stands out in my mind was a posing session with you when you called me out on my ashy feet. LOL! We were about to start, and you happened to glanced down at my feet and you had the look of horror as you said “Giiiiiirrrrrrlllll, what is up with your feet, you need to put Vaseline on those feet!” What’s really bad that you couldn’t event start my session until my feet were properly taken care of. I knew it was bad when you GAVE me your personal stash of Eucerin. I know never to make that mistake again and I bought a big ole thing of Eucerin.

Words you live by:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

I remember running the Houston Half marathon 5 years ago and I would chant this in head just to motivate me to keep running. I recall feeling like I wanted to quit and start walking, then a woman ran pass me and on the back of her shirt was that exact saying I had chanted all along. Talk about perfect timing. I took it as a sign not to give up on anything.

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