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O.M.G. what did I do

You signed up for that seminar/camp/clinic and you’ve NEVER been to one.  You can’t believe you did it and now you can’t change your mind, you’re already at the place where it will be held.  You also want to shoot the person that talked you into it but they’re not there yet, so you wait by yourself trying to overcome that crazy nervous feeling. What’s the big deal anyway?  Why are these camps/clinics necessary?  What’s so hard about walking on stage in a 2 piece barely there bikini accompanied by a pair of 5″ heels??  The big deal is this:  it takes WORK to walk in heels while in a barely there competition bikini (there is a huge difference between your pool side suit and competition suit) in front of a huge room full of people that you might only know 5 people in a room full of people, oh and then look completely natural doing it.  BUT it can be done, which is why attending a camp or clinic is so important and should be included on your to do list before stepping on stage.

Meeting like minded people while on this journey is one of the best ways to experience it! Every camp we meet more and more amazing women!

Meeting like minded people while on this journey is one of the best ways to experience it! Every camp we meet more and more amazing women!

There are so many camps/clinics available and it’s always good to attend as many as you can so you can learn as much as you can.  The more information you have, the more experiences you have (good or bad), the better the decision to compete will be.  Most organizations have camps/clinics to teach you basic posing and answer questions you might have about competing.  This past weekend our Coaches were part of the Musclemania Texas camp at Embody Fitness Center in Missouri City and we had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many amazing people.  Fitness brings together people from different walks of life but we all have one really awesome component in common:  love of working out. A lot of people that come out to the camps have never competed before, but we do see alums come back to camp because they want to learn more or add to what they already know.  You never work with just one coach, you always end up working with all of the coaches by the end of the camp series.  If you’ve never worked with us, this is what you can expect when you do:

  • we will make you laugh, bc when learning to pose there is lots to laugh about. Plus you move better when you are not as stiff 🙂
  • we will work with your natural way of movement and incorporate that into your posing
  • show you basic poses first, work with you to perfect then, then move onto something a bit more challenging yet fun
  • have you work on transition movements so the timing of your poses look polished
  • incorporate the walk into your routine so you don’t look like your ‘walking to the car’ rather ‘strutting on stage’
  • then we begin putting your routine together
  • helping you find a suit designer that’s a good fit for you based on your budget and style
  • help you save money on the items that can cost a competitor a lot through our strong network of vendors and fabulous former clients
  • give you the support you need by answering your questions as quick as we can!
  • be HONEST with you, we wouldn’t want anyone yanking our chain either

What you will not expect when you work with us:

  • cookie cutter posing and routines

See how many cool things you get when you work with us?  There’s a lot more but better to experience it than read about it eh?  By the time you reach the end of the fitness journey, you’ve met so many great people, created so many more friendships, and will look back and tell yourself  “I can’t believe I almost didn’t come to these camps!”.

Contact us if you have any questions, we would love to be part of your fitness journey this year!

The end of the journey and many friendships later. We are still in touch with many of these ladies who we adore and love to pieces!!!

The end of the journey and many friendships later. We are still in touch with many of these ladies who we adore and love to pieces!!!


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Winners practice till they get it right, CHAMPIONS practice till they can’t get it wrong

~ unknown

My first official blog entry for 2016 and it’s almost February.  I know, I know what a slacker but really, my coaches and I have unbelieveably busy.  We met last weekend and went over some new ideas to help our clients present better on stage as wells as post interesting blogs at least once a month.  One of our biggest projects we are involved with is this posing camp coming up on Feb 6, 2016 (check out the flyer for deets).  If you are thinking about competing, plan on competing, or just want to see what it’s like to be in a room full of fitness competitors learning to improve their craft of posing you should come and join in.  While I would like to say there’s plenty of fluff, bells, and whistles, there isn’t.  It’s a lot of hard work and we are making everyone work until their (and ours) feet hurt.  Two hours may seem like a long camp but when you are learning, practicing, and being drilled over and over, time flies.  The typical posing attire most women wear is:  tank top or cami workout top, capri pants or shorts, and 5″ heels if you do not have competition heels yet.  LOCATION OF CAMP: EMBODY FITNESS CENTER, 4799 LEXINGTON BLVD MISSOURI CITY TX 77459.

Everyone is welcome. A great coach can teach ANYONE!

Everyone is welcome. A great coach can teach ANYONE!

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Our 2015 POSE4YOU Fitness Workshop is coming in April

We are excited to announce our 2nd annual POSE4YOU Fitness Workshop!! Anyone can attend because this event was designed with you in mind, you can be a competitor or non competitor.  Everyone will leave with a Fitness Workshop handbook full of updated and useful information.  Lunch will be provided by CA’s Food 4 Thought, door prizes for everyone, and CAC&CO will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Star of Hope.  We will cover topics such as:  nutrition, effective training techniques, posing, suit selection, and stage presentation all on a budget.  Sign up on the Event Brite page to save your spot, the first 20 to register will receive a souvenir tshirt.

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We are coming to Clear Lake on April 11, 2015!!

We’re coming out to Fitness Masters (please see flyer for address) to work with Figure and Bikini ladies!  The workshop is limited to 10 ladies due to the size of the facility. This will allow quality working time with the coaches and our goal is to help you learn basic poses so we can put together a simple stage routine that you can practice on.  We will pose from noon – 2pm and leave the last hour to cover FAQ as well as give out valuable information so bring pen and notepad to take notes.  If you like our POSE4YOU gear, we will also have some of our cute tops for purchase.

Great workshop Bikini and Figure ladies, we work with all competitive levels.

Great workshop Bikini and Figure ladies, we work with all competitive levels.

Family fitness boot camp on June 14th

If you want to do something fun with your family that is fitness related, this boot camp is for you and them!  Our friend, Dewayne Malone and his fitness family will be leading off this great event for families.  Dewayne is a husband and father of 4 active kids so he understands fitness can and should be a fun event for everyone 🙂  You probably seen Dewayne on ABC 13 ‘Live Well’ and FOX 26 as an expert trainer.  Check out the flyer for details and we hope to see you and your family there!

Dewayne Malone, owner of Against All Odds is having a boot camp for families!

Dewayne Malone, owner of Against All Odds is having a boot camp for families!

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Full service comes to CAC&CO

CAC&CO is very excited to announce we are a full service company and offer all of these services:

– local training and nutrition in the Houston, Missouri City area

– local nutrition only in the Houston, Missouri City area

– On line training & nutrition

– On line nutrition only

– Posing and presentation for Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique competitors

– Fitness routine, fitness skills session, and choreography for Fitness competitors

– Choreography and posing routine for Women’s Physique competitors

We do more than have you ‘show up’ and ‘practice’ your posing, we work on assisting you to put together a complete and solid package for the stage.  Depending on where you need the most help: suit and shoe selection, stage tanning recommendations, or hair and makeup ideas, we base our selections on your budget so you don’t make costly mistakes.  Having 5 solid Coaches to assist our clients allows us to bounce ideas off of each other to get the client the best service.  You can contact us at to inquire about our services.

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Posing workshop coming to the Clear Lake area

CAC & Co will be at Fitness Masters on April 19th for a posing workshop, space is limited to 10 and the deadline to register is April 7th.  Go to the Event Brite link  on the flyer to sign up and get your spot!

Click on this link to register:


Fitness Masters Workshop

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This is a great competition to consider, especially if this is your first time competing

So many women choose a really big venue to compete in and not know how big it is until the day of the show.  It can very overwhelming if it’s your first time stepping on stage.  Don’t let the name of this show fool you, the All Forces show is open to both All Forces (active and retired) and civilians.  The All Forces competitors and civilian competitors do not compete against each other, they will remain in their respective category.  There are so many benefits to a smaller show:  1) competitors get more stage time,  2) better flow of show,  3)  you, your family, and your friends aren’t stuck there all night only to watch you for 10 seconds on stage, and 4) the judges can give you real feedback because they will remember you.

Part of the proceeds will go to local fire, police, and military.  Go to,, or to find out more about  these categories: Men’s & Women’s Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men’s & Women’s Physique, Male & Female Model, Bodybuilding.

All Forces show, open to both All Forces and civilians




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Calling all Fitness, Figure, and Bikini enthusiasts!!! CAC & Co announces a Fitness Workshop happening on Jan 11th, 2014 Embody Fitness Center First Colony !! This is a great workshop if you are considering competing, have competed and want to learn more, or just want to see what it’s all about. Please contact us directly at if you would like to receive more information!
Spend the day with us, we will have lots to offer!!

Spend the day with us, we will have lots to offer!!


CAC & Co. is sooooooo so so so excited to announce our first ever Fitness Workshop on January 11th.  After months of collecting all of your inquiries, I decided to put together a workshop for women that want to compete, will compete, or thinking about competing.  There’s a lot of information out there and it’s hard to figure out how and where to begin.  Please check out the flyer with the information on the workshop.  For our out of town attendants, our host hotel (Hampton Inn) is 5 minutes from the camp location. Details can be found on the flyer.
This will be a full day of guest speakers (glamour team of hair, makeup, tanning, photographer on the do’s and don’ts of stage prep and photos), training/nutrition tips for Figure/Fitness and Bikini, fitness routine tips, as well as hands on posing with the best coaches in the industry, and the first (20) that sends their fee will receive a goodie bag complete with free supplements, POSE4YOU tee, CAC Event Planner, and more.  Lunch will be provided by
Everyone that attends will receive really cool sample workouts for Figure/Fitness or Bikini as well as samples of typical contest prep menus for Fat Loss or Size Gain.
If you are interested in attending and would like to reserve your spot, you can purchase your entry here:
A registration form will be emailed to confirm your payment was received.
If you know anyone that would be interested in attending, please ‘share’ this post!  You do not need to be in competition shape to attend, this is a great way to get more information, see if you would be a good fit to compete in fitness, get practice posing for Figure/Fitness and Bikini, and meet other women like yourselves!
Note: we are capping the number of attendants to 40 ladies.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions, and we hope to see many of you at camp!


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The difference between Figure and Bikini, which one should I compete in?

We’re always being asked, ‘I want to compete but I’m not sure what category – Figure or Bikini?’.   If you tend to carry a little more muscle on your frame and you enjoy training heavy, competing in Figure would make the most sense.  But what if you carry a little more muscle, don’t really train that heavy,  just genetically gifted, and prefer to compete in a Bikini competition then what should you do? There are so many different scenarios because we all have different body shapes but I’m going to keep this simple and provide you a short guideline as well as a simple suggestion.

Figure – Lower body fat levels, mid level muscle, 7-10% body fat

Bikini – Medium body fat levels, bikini body, shapely, 11-14% body fat

*keep in mind that everyone carries bodyfat in different ways.  In other words, you can have two athletes with 10% body fat and both will appear differently.  While it’s good to strive to achieve lower body fat levels, at some point how your body looks becomes the determining factor.

There are so many factors in deciding which category is a good fit and here is a short list of what they are:

1) Commitment – You will need to be committed no matter what category you choose.  Figure typically requires more cardio, heavier lifting and eating cleaner for longer during contest prep compared to Bikini prep.

2) Timeline – Almost everyone we meet needs to drop body fat in order to compete.  You want to choose a contest that will give you enough time to have a show ready body.  A person can lose up to .5% to 1% body fat per week, if you are currently at 24%, want to compete in a bikini contest and need to be at a minimum of 14%, you will need to drop 10% and this could take 10-20 weeks to achieve which is about 3-5 months.  This contest prep time will determine what month you should be stage ready.

3) Date and location of show – There are  many contests every weekend so there is nothing short of choosing a show.  The best way to make a decision is to do some research on the different types of competing organizations that are in your state.  Find out what the rules and regulations are and what is expected of you as an athlete to see if this is a good fit for you.  Look at the type of posing that the athletes are showcasing, are you able to learn and perform those poses?

4) Locate a coach – Every state has Fitness coaches that can assist you with choosing a show, posing, nutrition, and/or training.  Google search is a great way to find coaches in your area as well as social media but don’t stop there.  Contact them and if possible, speak to them.  You want to be able to connect with this person that you are interviewing as your Coach.

5) Attend a local show – This will have the most impact on your decision, to actually see the athletes on their posing and presentation. Most female competitors work with a Coach, so if you see an athlete on stage and liked her style of posing it would be a good idea to find out who is her Coach.

Last but not least, do your homework and don’t rush into decisions based on the first show you see or the first Coach you speak to.  Attend a few different shows, preferably from different organizations, speak to several Coaches and see which one is a good fit for you based on your needs.


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