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Winners practice till they get it right, CHAMPIONS practice till they can’t get it wrong

~ unknown

My first official blog entry for 2016 and it’s almost February.  I know, I know what a slacker but really, my coaches and I have unbelieveably busy.  We met last weekend and went over some new ideas to help our clients present better on stage as wells as post interesting blogs at least once a month.  One of our biggest projects we are involved with is this posing camp coming up on Feb 6, 2016 (check out the flyer for deets).  If you are thinking about competing, plan on competing, or just want to see what it’s like to be in a room full of fitness competitors learning to improve their craft of posing you should come and join in.  While I would like to say there’s plenty of fluff, bells, and whistles, there isn’t.  It’s a lot of hard work and we are making everyone work until their (and ours) feet hurt.  Two hours may seem like a long camp but when you are learning, practicing, and being drilled over and over, time flies.  The typical posing attire most women wear is:  tank top or cami workout top, capri pants or shorts, and 5″ heels if you do not have competition heels yet.  LOCATION OF CAMP: EMBODY FITNESS CENTER, 4799 LEXINGTON BLVD MISSOURI CITY TX 77459.

Everyone is welcome. A great coach can teach ANYONE!

Everyone is welcome. A great coach can teach ANYONE!

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