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Posing workshop coming to the Clear Lake area

CAC & Co will be at Fitness Masters on April 19th for a posing workshop, space is limited to 10 and the deadline to register is April 7th.  Go to the Event Brite link  on the flyer to sign up and get your spot!

Click on this link to register:


Fitness Masters Workshop

February 13, 2014 0 Comments

This is a great competition to consider, especially if this is your first time competing

So many women choose a really big venue to compete in and not know how big it is until the day of the show.  It can very overwhelming if it’s your first time stepping on stage.  Don’t let the name of this show fool you, the All Forces show is open to both All Forces (active and retired) and civilians.  The All Forces competitors and civilian competitors do not compete against each other, they will remain in their respective category.  There are so many benefits to a smaller show:  1) competitors get more stage time,  2) better flow of show,  3)  you, your family, and your friends aren’t stuck there all night only to watch you for 10 seconds on stage, and 4) the judges can give you real feedback because they will remember you.

Part of the proceeds will go to local fire, police, and military.  Go to,, or to find out more about  these categories: Men’s & Women’s Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men’s & Women’s Physique, Male & Female Model, Bodybuilding.

All Forces show, open to both All Forces and civilians




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We added more to our posing services!!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: CAC & Co is proud to announce the addition of WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE and MALE & FEMALE FITNESS to our services!! Lead Coach, Jenn Wilson, is one of the best choreographers and fitness skills Coach and we are honored to have her expertise in these categories. Please check out her bio and why she is so good at what she does:


From the NBA court to the Pro Fitness stage, since 2004 Jenn Becerra Wilson has choreographed numerous routines for the industry’s top ranked competitors in men’s & women’s fitness, bodybuilding and Physique competitions. Her passion for fitness and entertainment shines through the one of a kind routines she creates for each individual.

Lead Coach, Jenn B. Wilson

Lead Coach, Jenn B. Wilson

From the early age of 4, Jenn started pursuing her dreams in the sport of Martial Arts. At the age of 7, she earned her 1st black belt in Korea at the 4th World Tournament in the Wushu Kung-Fu Federation. The discipline instilled at this early age led her to be successful in competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and becoming a Pro Cheerleader in the NBA.

Naturally this led Jenn to fulfill a lifelong dream of competing in a fitness competition in which she earned her Pro Fitness Card in 2004. Shortly after earning her Pro card, she suffered a knee injury that would challenge her for the next 7 years in which she underwent 3 major knee surgeries. It was at this point in her life that she realized how much she wanted to stay connected with the industry and offer her knowledge to help others be successful and reach their goals.

Jenn’s profession as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who specializes in sports rehabilitation aides in her primary focus of providing safe, sport specific training techniques to the athletes she works with.  If you are interested in working with CAC & Co on your next competition, you can go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and we will respond with our menu of services.

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